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Dear Friends,

Miracle Place  is now  fifteen years old.  As  we reflect on our story we thank God for the many blessings given us throughout these past thirteen years.

Dear to our  hearts  is the children’s program.  Doing homework, reading, playing games, participating in Cub Scouts, decorating cookies, shooting hoops, and participating  in the fitness  program  provide the  children with  a  safe,  warm  and loving
environment.  The  care and  concern of the staff  and  volunteers gives  the children a sense of   belonging.  Lessons in politeness,  respect and self-discipline are emphasized each day.   In  July  thirty  children,  ages 5-16,  participated in  Academic  Olympics. They focused on Math and English to help them prepare for their return to school.  An outing to Lake Freeman for swimming and a picnic was  a summer highlight.

A steady  and  supportive  group from the  beginning has been our Senior Citizen Club.  Miracle  Place  affords  them  the  opportunity  to share  a  special  meal  once a month, plus a luncheon every Wednesday from Second Helpings. The Seniors enjoyed
a field trip this summer to the Motherhouse of the Oldenburg Franciscans.  An annual event is the Seniors’ holiday dinner at Hollyhock Hill Restaurant.

Summer picnics,  teaching  English to the Hispanic  adults, giving each household lilies at Easter and fruit baskets at Christmas help to create a more cohesive and caring community in  the  neighborhood  surrounding  Miracle Place.  Our  presence offers a renewed sense of belonging.

One  of the most exciting  happenings on the horizon are plans for extending our space.  The lot and vacant house south of us was purchased for a new building.  In the spring the house was leveled, and we now have approval from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Development office to proceed with building!   More  space is needed to separate children in age groups, plus music, art and computer  rooms.  It will be possible to have neighborhood gatherings for education, entertainment and cultural opportunities.

If you  would like to help us  continue  these programs,  your financial assistance would  be a gift  and support for our ministry.  For additional information, please click on  the headings above for Sponsors or Donations. We thank you for your interest in Miracle Place.

Sisters Rita Ann Wade and Barbara McClelland

We especially want to thank the Glick Family Foundation for their generous grants.