Fitness & Fun

F IS FOR FITNESS AND FUN — Watch for the April Calendar!
By: Sabrina Montes de Oca

Spring comes and that means a fitness program for Miracle Place kids.

I, myself, say that I’m not very active at home. So, when Miracle Place arranged for a fitness program with one of our benefactors, Paul Weaver, I thought it was great! I thought this was a fun way to get fit with friends. This way, you don’t feel alone and bored. We do running, jumping jacks, and other exercises.

I remember the first year, it started, I was not into it. I thought, “Why do we have to do this?” But then I saw it was for my own benefit. It was to get us energetic and not let us be lazy and do nothing. I can say I’ve seen Miracle Place kids change over the years. Thank you, Paul, for bringing this program to Miracle Place.