Summer Lake Trip

By: Vielka Garcia and Francisco Diosdado

In the summer, Miracle Place kids take a fun trip to the Witchgers’ House at Freeman Lake. We gather at Miracle Place in the morning and get ready for the long two-hour drive. On this special day, all the kids came to Miracle Place with their colorful towels prepared to go to the lake. We go to swim, splash and have a good time.

All the kids and volunteers are excited to arrive at the Lake. The kids run to get ready and jump in the water. Mrs. Witchger takes out water guns and float vests. It’s fun to see the kids and volunteers swimming, splashing and jumping off the high dive. We could hear splashing sounds and children screaming, but not in terror but for enjoyment. Anyway, we were swimming for hours and hours. Then, Mr. Witchger took out the boats and gave us a tour and we had a wonderful view.

After swimming and riding the boats, we went inside to have a good meal that Mr. and Mrs. Witchger had made for us. We then took a snack for the road. As we left, we thanked them for a fantastic afternoon — a wonderful day for all of us. ¬†We hope we can go again.